Our environmental policy

Committed to protecting the environment

We undertake to protect the environment, prevent unnecessary environmental impact as far as possible, continuously reduce effects on the environment and improve our environment management system.


Laws and regulations

We undertake to respect and fulfil all binding environmental protection commitments and operate at all times in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.


Our employees are informed

We regularly inform our employees about our environmental activities.


Monitoring environmental impact

We regularly monitor and appraise our impact on the environment and set new targets to reduce emissions and other important environmental aspects.



We base our activities on the principle of sustainability and have a high commitment to ecology, quality, energy efficiency and safety.



We take responsibility with respect to our different partners and in this way optimise the basis for customer and employee satisfaction and for long-term business performance.


Careful resource management

We manage our resources carefully. In the choice of primary, operating and auxiliary materials we seek to use the most environmentally friendly alternatives.