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  • by on 16. July 2020 in Allgemein

    A further 50 Laptops for Carinthia’s schools

    CC4Remarketing GmbH and A1 are making fifty laptops available to the Neue Mittelschule in Carinthia. We are pleased to have been able to help pupils in Carinthia again. As part of the Home School for All campaign by the

  • by on 20. May 2020 in Allgemein

    Laptops for NMS pupils in Carinthia

    CC4 and the Carinthian IT provider addIT have made fifty laptops available for the Neue Mittelschule (NMS) in Carinthia. At the start of the corona crisis all schools closed and switched to distance learning and home schooling. This presented

  • by on 19. May 2020 in Allgemein

    20 Laptops for Vorarlberg families

    In these difficult times the country must hold together. We were able to make a modest contribution by sending twenty laptops to Vorarlberg for the School Kids Online campaign launched by Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH to provide rapid and unbureaucratic