TÜV-Certified Data Erasure

The erasure of company data when replacing used IT devices is of increasing importance.

We offer TÜV-certified erasure of data for all systems with SECURAZE® (with erasure report), which ensures irrevocable state-of-the-art erasure of all stored data.
We use SECURAZE®, a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution with modular architecture for IT remarketing, focusing particularly on data erasure in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The standard process for hard drives is DoD 5220.22-M E Standard (3 passes + verification).
SSDs are erased using the certified SSD erasure process SEC 2018-SSD FM, which is an enhanced version of SECURAZE®, optimized for flash-based storage media. It also includes the erasure of solid state drives (SSD).

SECURAZE® is a complete solution for documented, safe and TÜV-certified erasure of data from your IT devices.

complete – only the SECURAZE® suite supports the full spectrum of devices: all PCs, notebooks, storage media, tablets, servers, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.

tamperproof – SECURAZE® generates digitally signed tamperproof erasure reports.

fast – thanks to the innovative SECURAZE® solution, an erasure can start within seconds.

collection – all technical specifications, including serial numbers, are automatically read from the devices and printed on a label.

export – all data collected by SECURAZE® is ready to export to your systems (asset and ERP reporting).
selection – SECURAZE® can be used conveniently through the SECURAZE® cloud or locally so that no data leave your company.

help – SECURAZE® offers integrated remote-support functionality, which means that a SECURAZE® agent is always available to provide support.

up to date  – thanks to the innovative SECURAZE® update service you will always run the latest version.

multilingual – the SECURAZE® suite is available in many languages.

SECURAZE® is TÜV-certified.

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