ITR 4.0

ITR 4.0 is not designed merely for isolated aspects of IT remarketing such as the erasure process or parts of a company but offers a comprehensive approach covering the entire company, every employee, every supplier, every customer relationship and every single process. The processes are comprehensive, self-contained and fully digitised. Most importantly, your data and that of your customers is completed protected. That is the decisive difference, and one that offers long-term security.

Core Areas

Legal security

ITR 4.0 offers comprehensive legal security and compliance with national and EU directives, laws and regulations, in particular the GDPR and Waste Management Act.

All-round data protection

Your data and that of your customs is completely and comprehensively protected:

  • compliance as order processor with the GDPR
  • collection and processing of used appliances by our own trained staff
  • self-contained logistics thanks to our own vehicle pool
  • direct storage of used appliances in a locked warehouse
  • registration and anonymisation of used appliances
  • documentation of processing and certification of data erasure
  • guarded site with security alarm

Structured procedures and processes

Our company is managed in accordance with standardised operating guidelines and processes. All processes and procedures, from collection and logging to erasure and reutilisation, are fully structured and documented. Our employees receive regular internal and external training in this regard.

CSR and sustainability

The standard requires that companies set clear CSR and sustainability objectives and goals. The impact of CSR and sustainability activities on the environment, society and the economy are documented in CSR and sustainability reports.

Full digitalisation of all business processes

The processes are comprehensive, self-contained and fully digitised. Modern tools are required for all procedures, and all processes have to be documented comprehensively and completely.


full-service IT remarketing

  • collection
  • processing
  • erasure
  • reutilisation
  • resale
  • disposal

  • professional brokerage
  • online shop
  • resale to your employees
  • remarketing consulting
  • IMAC services (installation, moving, additions and changes, e.g. for a workstation)