Laptops for NMS pupils in Carinthia

20. May 2020

CC4 and the Carinthian IT provider addIT have made fifty laptops available for the Neue Mittelschule (NMS) in Carinthia.

At the start of the corona crisis all schools closed and switched to distance learning and home schooling. This presented completely new challenges to teachers and pupils alike. The course content had to be communicated digitally, and the pupils had to assume responsibility for learning. This was particularly difficult for pupils without an adequate data processing infrastructure at home.

In consultation with the Carinthia education authority, the Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds (KWF) set itself the task as part of the Home Schooling for All social project to ensure that the majority of NMS pupils had laptops. Mindful of sustainability, it sought to take used devices from companies and to have them refurbished.

In collaboration with the Carinthian IT provider addIT, CC4Remarketing GmbH made available fifty used laptops. “We are pleased to have enabled pupils to participate in distance learning,” says Dieter Jandle, managing director of addIT Dienstleistungen GmbH & Co KG. Marcus Trunkenpolz from CC4Remarketing GmbH adds: “We cleaned the devices with the TÜV-certified erasure software SECURAZE®, refitted them according to instructions from the education authority. The operating system was also reinstalled to ensure that all data from previous users were deleted and erased.”

KWF took charge of delivery and installation of the home schooling software before the devices were distributed by the Carinthia education authority. Director Robert Klinglmair stresses: “Through the support of the companies, the education prospects of fifty Carinthian NMS pupils are significantly improved.”