We offer IT remarketing from a single source. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality you are entitled to expect from us. We control our fully digitised processes from our own high-security computer centre. The tools and solutions are state-of-the-art. For example, there is a cloud solution for communication with our customers. All of our processes can be coordinated with the rollout of new appliances and the rollback of used ones.


We do not leave you alone even at the end of the IT life cycle.

Our trained employees collect and if necessary pack the used dismantled IT appliances and organise their safe transport to our warehouse in our own GPS-tracked vehicles, coordinated with the rollout of new appliances if required.

We also offer optional services for new appliance rollout projects combined with the rollback of used ones.


With our logistics centres in

  • Denzlingen (DE)
  • Regenstauf (DE)
  • Vienna (AT)

we provide all facilities for modern storage, including collection boxes and special packaging material.


The collected and stored used IT appliances are processed, logged and all identifying marks removed.

  • Documentation and confirmation of receipt of the used IT appliances
  • Report (inventory: manufacturer, model, serial number) on collected appliances
Data Erasure

The erasure of company data when replacing used IT devices is of increasing importance.

We offer TÜV-certified erasure of data for all systems with SECURAZE® (with erasure report), which ensures irrevocable state-of-the-art erasure of all stored data. 

We use SECURAZE®, a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution with modular architecture for IT remarketing, focusing particularly on data erasure in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The standard process for hard drives is DoD 5220.22-M E Standard (3 passes + verification).

SSDs are erased using the certified SSD erasure process SEC 2018-SSD FM, which is an enhanced version of SECURAZE®, optimized for flash-based storage media. It also includes the erasure of solid state drives (SSD).


Storage media that cannot be wiped with software are destroyed.


We are experts in the reutilisation and resale at market value of used IT appliances.

We can also ensure the best possible reutilisation and resale of older hardware.

Reutilisation at best prices is ensured through an international broker network in accordance with the laws and international trading regulations in force. In other words, appliances are not sold in countries subject to embargo.


Appliances that cannot be reutilised or resold are subject to certified, professional and environmentally friendly disposal in accordance with the legal provisions in force.