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SECURAZE® is a complete Suite for secure, documented and certified Data Erasure on your IT devices.

complete – only SECURAZE® Suite supports the full spectrum of devices, PCs, notebooks, tablets, iOS, iPad OS, Android, servers and storage solutions.

tamperproof – SECURAZE® generates digitally signed tamper-proof erasure reports.

fast – an erasure can start within seconds – thanks to the innovative SECURAZE® solution.

gather – all technical specs including serials are automatically read from the devices and printed on a label.

export – all data gathered by SECURAZE® is ready to be exported in your systems (asset and ERP reporting)

local or cloud – use SECURAZE® in a convenient way with our cloud service – or choose a local erasure setup and no bit leaves your network.

help – SECURAZE® includes full remote-support functionality – in case you need individual help, a SECURAZE® agent is ready to support you.

up to date – thanks to the innovative and accurate SECURAZE® update service you will always run the latest version.

multilingual – SECURAZE® Suite supports all major languages.



The SECURAZE® Suite consists of the following modules.

Certified audit and erasure of PCs, notebooks, tablets (SSD and magnetic storage media) as well as reading display data. Certified audit and erasure of mobile devices like iOS, iPad OS and Android smartphones/tablets. Certified audit and erasure of server and storages systems. Complete asset based workflow management.



SECURAZE® is TÜV certified.


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