Contribution to sustainable business

Make use of our professional IT remarketing, combat the modern throwaway mentality and demonstrate an awareness of the need for managing our planet’s resources.

Return in accordance with legal regulations

IT appliances are returned in accordance with German and Austrian waste management and recycling laws.

Almost 90 percent of our appliances are reutilised

Almost 90 per cent of all appliances in our remarketing process are reutilised:

  • purchase by your employees through our web shop
  • sale to private and commercial end users in our own online shop
  • sale through our international network
  • brokerage

Professional and environmental sound disposal

Used IT appliances that cannot be reutilised are disposed of expertly and in an environmental friendly manner. Most of the useful primary materials in this electronic waste are recovered by downstream partners.

Clear goals and guidelines

Our company is committed to clearly defined sustainability goals and guidelines in accordance with ITR 4.0.

Rewards for high carbon dioxide saving

Together with our clients, we save hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. We reward exceptionally high CO2 savings by our clients.

Sustainability report

A regular detailed report is provided on our sustainability activities.

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